Hornblower's Family

Below is a brief sketch of Hornblower's genealogy.  It is taken from the books (and as best as one can tell from the movies) rather than from Parkinson's Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower.

Horatio Hornblower

born July 4, 17761 in Kent, England2

died after 18483

son of Dr. (Unknown) Hornblower (d. between 1793 and 1803 according to the movies) and (Unknown) (d. prior to 1793)4

married (1) on April 2, 18035 by Rev. Clive at the Church of St. Thomas a Becket, Portsmouth, England6

Maria Ellen Mason6

died February 7, 1811 (in childbed) and was buried in the cemetery at the Church of St. Thomas a Becket, Portsmouth, England7

daughter of (Unknown) Mason (d. 1801 in HMS Hannibal according to the movies) and Phyllida8 (maiden name unknown)

Horatio and Maria Hornblower had three children, only one of whom survived childhood:

  1. Horatio Hornblower  - born January 1, 18049, died of smallpox 1807/180810

  2. Maria Hornblower - born January 8, 180611, died of smallpox 1807/180810

  3. Richard Arthur Horatio Hornblower12 - born January 1811 (Godfathers: Lords Wellesley and Wellington)

married (2) in October 1811

Lady Barbara Wellesley (Leighton)

born 1781/178613

Barbara was previously married to Rear Admiral Sir Percy Gilbert Leighton in March/April 181014.  Leighton died in October 1810 at Rosas Bay15.

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Horatio Hornblower and Maria Mason were married April 2, 1803 (according to the books).  Lt. William Bush was Best Man at their wedding.  A wedding breakfast followed at the George Inn, Portsmouth.


Hornblower met Lady Barbara Wellesley aboard his ship Lydia in 1808.  Lady Barbara served as Richard Hornblower's guardian after the death of his mother during the period when England believed Hornblower to be dead.  Soon after Hornblower's return from France, he and Lady Barbara were married.